Odd Glow
©1998 by Epsilon

      She said I glowed 
      What did she mean by that I wondered...? 
      I had to see if this illumination of myself was true 
      But how? 
      This is what I asked myself 
      So...I went to look in the bathroom mirror 
      As I looked upon myself I noticed something... 
      I need a hair cut..and I don't like this shirt very much... 
      I did not, however, notice any light or overpowering brilliance shinning from my face 
      No, in fact, my self-esteem just dropped from staring at my ugly face for too long 

      What to do what to do...? 
      AH HA!!!!! 
      I found myself running full tilt outta that bathroom to turn the light switch off 
      Surely being in the dark will help me see this gleam of pure angelic perfection 
      I stood in front of the mirror again in the dark 
      Nothing...Nope...I'm still me...and I ain't glowing 
      Wait what was that??? 
      Now I'm in the darkened bathroom alone in my big house and hear a noise 
      Whatta ya think I did? 
      Of course being my wee scared self...I ran... 
      First I stubbed my toe on the base of the toilet 
      Then I went butt first smashing down into the tub 

      Just as I regain my sense of 'oh yes this is my ass and yes it's been banged up pretty bad' 
      I hear the noise again 
      It's getting closer and I scramble noisily out of the tub 
      Still in this this darkness I grabbed the closest thing to me 
      A towel 
      I hold that thing over my head ready to whip the hell outta whoever is climbing the stairs 
      The light flips on and I'm staring at my startled sisters pretty little face 
      Startled quickly turns into a giggling mass of older sister on the floor 
      "What the hell are you doing???" 
      Is all she manages to get out before a wave of roaring laughter hits her again 
      Ha ha ha I say 
      In few words I explain what happened when I heard the noise 
      I fail, of course, to mention the fact WHY I was in the bathroom with the light off... 

      After having a delightful evening with my older sister 
      (I had forgotten completely that she was joining me that night) 
      I bid her goodnight and grumbled my way past the bathroom I had now renamed: 
      "The Room I Now Have No Feelings For" 
      Me bitter?...Yes, I guess who could say that 

      I walked slowly back in a took one last look at the mirror 
      Looking at myself again I thought back to the day's events... 
      After all that happened that day 
      And after all I went through just to understand 
      the strange glow that you, my sweet, say I radiate... 
      I just have one question for you... 
      What glow? 

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