The Glory of the Ant's Death
©1998 by Epsilon

      There was this little ant struggling with another dead ant's body.  I looked at in the the sunlight and wondered why it was carrying the carcass in the first place. This little ant was dragging around the body of a dead brother for what reason? Then I saw them. Ten or twelve other ants came rushing, from where I do not know, towards the dead ant carrier.  I watched with faintly amused eyes as the ants devoured their deceased kin.  What that must taste like? Eating an almost exact copy of one's self?  Tasteless I would think, but these little buggers seemed to like what they were doing.  So the dead ant was not just dead anymore but now also consumed. Not really that bad though if you think about it. For now even though he is dead, he gets to go home.  So he's not really dead anymore. He is still helping the Queen and the colony.  He is doing what he has always done. He is working away for the good of his own kind and doing a damn good job of it. That is, he is giving strength to those who can do what he can no longer do. I thought with a soft smile on my lips of how if I was an ant, and if I had to die, that is how I would want to go. 

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