The Guards’ Lounge
©1999 by FParis

As I showered, I began thinking about why I am here, and how stupid I was to think I could get away with owning a ‘massage parlor’ for women, by women … and not have someone turn me in for the ‘extras’ that were going on in there!  I guess you’re always going to have at least one dissatisfied customer! 

Then I started thinking about this evening, when my ‘favorite’ guard would be back.  Damn, I wish there was some way to ‘really’ talk to her … and as the memory of the night before came to mind, I smiled big, and my whole body shuddered, “mmmmmmm” came from my throat!

I took a look at the bulletin board, and noticed there was a dance tonight … “cool”, I said out loud.  Thinking (maybe I could dance with ‘my’ guard!) “naaaaw … they don’t do that!”

The rest of my day was pretty good, but the soreness all over made it harder than I would have liked.  A hot shower took some of the aches away, and I got dressed for the dance.  I wore nothing under my t-shirt, and put on the tightest pants I had … ok, so I was trying to be sexy … it wouldn’t hurt!

There were a lot of new faces in the crowd today for this one.  I saw her by the table and boldly walked behind her, breathing into her ear, "I would so enjoy a long, slooow  dance with you, Jill."  And blowing my warm, moist breath across the back of her neck, I whispered, "...again..."  She reached over for the table and steadied herself, swallowed hard and tried not to react.  I swore I heard a low "hmmmmm" escape from her throat as I moved away before anyone could notice.  From across the room, I smiled and licked my lips as she surveyed every inch of my body, while keeping herself braced against the table.

I watched her stare while I danced, and when I thought about what I said to her, thinking (that was pretty bold), I smiled again, and shook my head … I had about 90 days left in here, and figured I’d better start acting like I can take care of myself, or I’m gonna get ‘taken’ by much too many!

While I was dancing a kind of ‘dirty’ version to a song, some of the group made a small circle around me, and I guess I was now putting on a show! I was having fun with it, and all of a sudden I felt a hand go around my arm, and start to haul me outta there … my guard! Ooooooo, she found a reason to ‘haul’ me off, ‘possible inciting of a situation’ … OK, I admit, I was hoping it would stir a reaction!

She got me back to the cell block, and we went into the guards lounge … she sat me down on the huge sofa, and began to remove her uniform …… ooooh, yes, I was in heaven. I pulled off my t-shirt, and removed my pants (no underwear, of course!)

She walked to the door and locked it … I went to her, standing there with her starched white shirt unbuttoned, and some real sexy panties on … “mmmm mmm mm” I couldn’t help myself from saying!

I reached up and held her face in my hands, i kissed her so tenderly, so gently … teasing her mouth with little flicks of my tongue, nibbling her bottom lip and I began a journey down  … I nibbled on her neck, with kisses and slight sucking … my hands went down with me, brushing the sides of her arms, inside the shirt to her waist, my finger tips went across the top of her breasts and back, placing kisses where my hands had been … humming all the time, my throat releasing sounds of want and need and ecstasy.

She held the back of my head as I began kissing her across her stomach, playing with the ring in her belly button … my breast was rubbing against her crotch as I kissed her all over her tummy area. Running my tongue along the top of her panties, my hands held her buttocks while my face softly caressed the shiny material, taking in her delicious scent … I let my hands slip inside and now held her bare cheeks, allowing the panties to curl down and reveal a beautifully shaped V at the beginning of her mound “mmmmm” escaped me again, as I ran my tongue across it and down to the end of the V, where her clit was beginning to stand tall for me. I teased it, licked it hard, and teased it gently again … I wanted to take as much time as I could to get to know this woman’s body!

She slid her hands down and slowly lowered her panties for me … I took them down to her ankles and she stepped out of them.  My mouth enveloped her wetness, and I hummed my pleasure … she tasted like her scent and her scent was astonishing!  She was slightly bent over the arm of the big chair, I ended up sitting between her legs, turning backwards as I sat.  With one hand wrapped around her leg and the other on her belly … my mouth sucked her lips in, slowly licking all around, tasting every inch of skin, every drop of moisture I found.

I slowly stood up, to place myself behind her … my hands following my body, touching her skin, going under her shirt, gently brushing over her hard nipples, placing kisses on the back of her neck.  I removed her shirt and tossed it to the chair … she took my hand and we laid down on the sofa.  Our bodies molded together and we lay like that, kissing each other for what seemed like half an hour … our hands wandering over the others body, our thighs pressing against each others mound … rocking and moaning and loving every minute and every inch of each other!

I swear you’d think we were in love the way we were making love … so sensuously, so knowingly … like we have been together for years instead of hours.

I never entered her, she never entered me … we just rocked against each other, feeling so many things all wrapped up together, kissing tenderly, whispering ‘sweet nuthins’ in each others ears … who knows if we’ll ever understand what we were feeling at this moment!?!

The knock at the door brought us back to reality, and we both jumped out of our skin! “Damn …” she said, and got up to put her panties on and her shirt.  She told me to get as much on as I could and when I had as much on as she thought was enough, she answered the door … stepping out and closing it behind her. 

From what I could tell, ‘my’ guard was in charge of the night shift, and was a little intimidated by Ms. Dyky, but I believe she could hold her own with her … I was just hoping it wasn’t her out there, wanting to join us … I didn’t want anything taking away from the wonderful way I was feeling right now, and that definitely would put a damper on my evening … to say the least.

Jill came back in the room and locked the door again.  I closed my eyes, and with a sigh of relief, relaxed a little. Leaning forward on the sofa, I covered my face with my hands … actually ‘sighed’ out loud, and kind of rubbed my eyes, then ran my hand across the side of my head and stood up.

“She won’t be bothering you anymore, and I see from the reports that Cory’s in the infirmary … did she hurt you?”

She went to the kitchen area and brought me a glass of juice … she kissed me gently, holding my face, then more passionately … “mmmmm” escaped me, and I almost spilled the drink.

“Thank you”, I said, and “no … well, yeah, she did, sort of”  (if you call fucking me like that, hurting me) I thought to myself.  “I didn’t put her in the hospital, tho”, thinking the guard must have done a job on her.

“Well, she won’t be bothering you anymore, either.” Jill said, taking the juice and setting it aside.  Her hands were soft on my body, touching my tummy, the sides of my breasts … pulling the t-shirt off, she placed her mouth on my nipple, gentle moving her tongue around, teasing me, her fingers touching my other breast, softly pinching my nipple …”uhhmmm”  came from my throat, and she placed a few nibbles there … and the side of my neck, breathing into my ear, “I want you … I need you, now”

She laid me down on the sofa and placed her body on top of me, so slowly, so sensuously … kissing me, fondling me … my hands roaming her body as well, holding her face, grabbing the hair on the back and top of her head … letting her know I was all hers!

She moved her kisses down my neck, my breasts, my shoulders … my nipples, so hard under her mouth.  She continued her journey, caressing my tummy again, the folds of my thighs where my legs meet my mound … aaahh, yes, her kisses on my waiting, needing pussy were welcomed with slow movements and throaty hums, loving the way she took me in, moved her tongue around my clit … I felt her fingers touching me, gently rubbing the places that she knew were sensitive, and she slowly entered me, two fingers moving in gently but firmly … and deep … I could feel her hand against the inside of my lips, pressing her fingers in and pulling out, so slow and methodically.

“Gaaaawwwd” I moaned.  I had never felt such sensations so soon into love making … I was very close to climax (too soon) I thought … (make it last) I kept thinking, but this woman knew what she was doing, and I just let her “uuunnnnggggg … o gawd … yesssssss” and I felt like I was exploding under her!  It went on and on and on … daaaaaam what a feeling … and she held her fingers still, and pressing hard inside me, my cunt was sucking on her and vibrating like nothing I had felt, and I wanted more … when it finally seemed as if I was finished, she started all over … slowly moving her hand around, sucking my clit, licking my skin, going in and out of me … pinching my nipples all at the same time … I started cumming again, this time with sobs, tears running down the side of my face, “oooohhh gaaaawwwd, o gawd, yes … “uuuuunnnn hhh hhh hhh”, I was crying!  I held her head against me, then kinda pulled on her hair a little, asking her to lay on me, hold me close … and she came to me, covering my body with hers and wrapping her arms around me, rocking me like a baby … I sobbed into her shoulder, neck … my hands all over her short hair, holding tight, then I just seemed to collapse, having absolutely no strength to even lift my arms.

“Mmmmm mmm mm” she said, and just stared at me, laying there weeping like a baby in her arms, and I managed to cover my face, and laugh some … “what are you hummin’ about woman?” and we both laughed, knowing an answer was not really needed!

While she was in the bathroom, I sat there, thinking about all this …(what was it? Where could it go? Am I just here to give her something to do … does she feel anything?) Out loud, I mumbled, “she MUST feel something … that was incredible!” and I put my face in my hands again, then running them across my almost shaved head, I just lay back against the sofa arm, and looked up at the ceiling.

“Toothpicks … with frills!” I said aloud, as she came walking into the room.

“What’s that?” she asked, and I pointed up, still looking … “You guys shoot toothpicks into the ceiling!” and I started laughing, hurrying to the bathroom.

She had a big grin on her face! “What? You think we can’t play in here?” she asked, and slapped my bare ass as I went passed her! “Oooooowwww” and I giggled.

“Remind me to kiss-that-better for you when you get back!” she retorted.

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