©2000 by Carol Marie

I had asked her to my place for a drink after the film. She asked where I lived and I said Sonoma County. She looked at me and laughed and asked if maybe that wasn't kind of far.

I asked her, "Well, how far would you go for a...," and I hesitated before annunciating that last word, "drink."

She looked me up and down and I guess she decided that Sonoma wasn't that far after all. " I'll follow you. Which one is your car?"

 I pointed to the old MBZ at the corner and she smiled and said to wait for her, she was at the opposite end.

All the while driving over the GGB, I could see her smiling in my rear view mirror. Now this was kind of bold for me, but she was that rare beauty that only happens a few times in a dykes life, so I made the move.

40 minutes later and we were parking near my townhouse. In the high afternoon sun, she appeared even more beautiful. I walked to her car and helped her grab her stuff and ushered her into my place. I had kept it locked up tight all morning so it was relatively cool inside. She remarked that it felt like heaven.

I asked her what was her pleasure and watched as her tongue came sliding out of her mouth and then across those perfect lips. I asked her again, but wasn't sure whether or not sounds came out of me except for that gulping noise. 

I could tell she liked playing with her prey. Somehow the tables were turning. I watched as she slid out of her slacks, tossing them aside. I guess she wasn't that cool after all.

I went to the freezer and poured two shots of Absolut Mandarin over ice and handed her one. I watched as she brought the iced glass to those lips again and slowly stuck her tongue into the refreshing liquid. She was too much.... I backed slowly into the stereo as I made my way across the room.

 "Aren't you going to come and sit a little closer to me Cary?". she asked as I sat down in the leather chair on the far wall.

"Uh yea. I just uh.... wanted to see.... about the music"

"I have something I want you to see, Cary," and with that she started unbuttoning her blouse. She stood up and started gyrating her hips to the music, slowly making her way nearer to where I sat.... slowly removing one arm, then the other. Then tossing the blouse to me. I could smell her perfume emanating in the room. Somewhere inside of me, strength was coming back and I remember just who I was... I had asked her to my place. I had wanted her. Now without her even knowing I was controlling the situation. Here was this magnificent beauty stripping for me rather seductively right in my front room and I didn't have to do anything. But I wanted to. I wanted to touch the silkiness of her flesh, to feel the way she breathed when she moved, glided across the room.

Soon she removed her bra, opening the hooks that held her so delicately in the front. One breast exposed then the other. Luscious melons that sprung to life as she freed them and o so close to me.

She leaned over me, letting them dangle just above my lips. I wanted to take them into my mouth, but as I reached for them, she quickly pulled away and let out some wicked laughter.

I could feel my clit getting harder under the constraints of my clothing.  Then she removed her panties, slowly moving them over her undulating hips, then slowly down her thighs, exposing a furry patch of dark curls that begged for me to tangle in them.

Her scent started changing, becoming more feral. I too, went from desirous to mad passion. Inside of me waves built on embers reeled and crested.  The closer she came to me, the more I reached for her, the more she pulled away, then she came and stood, hovering over me. Again I reached for her breasts with my exploring mouth and she let herself be taken by me. I sucked one nipple hard into my mouth, letting my teeth scrape its underbelly. Just as my hands went up to grab at her waist, she pushed me back down into my chair and said rather firmly, "No."

I looked at her quizzically, why did she not want me. She answered my wondering look. "Cary, this is all for you baby. Im gonna make you drip with excitement, but you can't touch... till I say so, OK?"

I let a smile appear on my lips and told her OK, wondering just what she had planned for me. She sat down on the divan on the opposite wall and spread her legs as far as they would go... her feet resting on the cocktail table in front. I watched as she spread her labia open, exposing the core of where she breathed. Her lips were a delicate pink that unfolded into a darkness I yearned to enter. She was glistening and I watched as one of her fingers slid into that treasured place. I watched then as another and still another finger made its way into what I so wanted. She twisted them deeply inside of her and then started a slow pumping motion that soon had her hips moving to an unknown rhythm.

As she brought her hands together playing in the heated wet, she formed a Vee by her breasts. Since they were pushed together, they appeared bigger than they were, but so inviting. Each of her nipples stood at attention, eager for me to taste.

Soon two fingers of her other hand started massaging her hardened clit. Her moaning was getting louder mingled with my own. I didn't even realize but in all this frenzied excitement my own hands had made their way into my pants, massaging my own hardened sex. 

Those waves inside of me crashed in against my shore, taking me fuller and wetter than ever before. I longed to touch, to barely brush with my tongue.  Her fingers were diving in and out of her cunt, I could even see the wet from her smaller orgasms pooling up on the fabric of my sofa, but still I let her finish. When she was right at the space where nothing else matters, she suddenly stopped and begged for me to help her out. 

I crawled across the floor to her and knelt between her legs, taking my time as my tongue quickly darted in and out of her moist cunt. She thrust her pelvic bone up into me. I took that as a GO.

I slowly twisted my hand into her, feeling her gripping me. I heard her say, "O. Cary, fuck me baby, fuck me," as my fist balled inside of her and I started pumping her steadily. My hand flew in and out of her, each time the waves becoming fuller. I felt as she tugged at my hair, sometimes almost pulling it from me. Suddenly she erupted inside and it shot out past my hand into my mouth. I drank her sweet liquid as it poured from her.  She tightened her legs around my neck and gave a big jerking motion, squeezing out the last of a good O.

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