Is It Just My Imagination
©1998 by sunstruck

She awakens, flushed, from an erotic dream. Turning over onto her back she pauses on her side. She sees that the cold empty half of her bed is just as cold and just as empty as it has been for too long. 

Laying her hands over her face she starts to run them down her flesh in a soothing manner to quiet her breathing. Eyes closed, she takes a deep breath as her hands run down her chest to her stomach. Still aroused from her dream, she thinks she feels hands roving her body where her hands recently touch. 

Without opening her eyes, she sees her lover bending over her. A tongue is thrust deeply into her waiting mouth. She plays tag with it, sliding hers up and around, until her mouth is reluctantly released. 

Gentle bites and kisses are trailed down her throat. Arching her neck to give better access, she smiles. Hands caress her breasts as she feels her lover's mouth descend to suckle roughly then softly her distended tips. 

Her legs are gently spread wide. She twists her torso in synch with the feelings pulsating through her body. Arms flung wide, she grips the sheets as a fullness is pressed inside her. She's never felt so full or tight before. Her secretions overflow, slickening the path, as her lover continues to thrust inside her. Her hips rock in time with the motions of her Heavenly climb to the summit. 

Faster, the momentum builds. Waves of sensation crest, her peak is quickly reached. She tries with all her might to hold back her cry but, with gritted teeth, she arches back her taunt neck and loudly proclaims her satisfaction as her body quivers apart. 

Her breath almost non-existent, she collapses into a boneless heap until she feels her lover starting to caress her once more. Back and forth they roll on her bed. Her voice becomes hoarse from shouting her ecstasy. What seems like an eternity later, she succumbs to sweet exhaustion. With a smile, she sleeps in Morpheus' arms. 

Come morning, she awakes. Reaching out for her lover her arms come up empty. Opening her eyes, all she sees is the cold empty half of her bed. The pillow still undented. 

Reclosing her eyes, she rests her hands on her face wondering if it had been real. Running her hands down her body she feels the same excitement from the night before. Continuing to trace the same paths, she knew it had to have been real. 

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