After Your Shower …
©2000 by FParis

As you step out of the shower, I place the towel on you to absorb the droplets of water from your delicious skin. I kiss your neck softly as I wrap the warm towel around your body … and hold you tight against me. I walk around you, kissing your shoulders as I go … then the back of your neck, taking the tiny hairs between my teeth and nibbling them, my lips grasping them slightly, and tugging, my tongue then starts a journey slowly down your back … you loosen the towel some and I can linger at the small of your back, crouching behind you, my hands on your tummy, my mouth on your soft skin … I hum my pleasure as you let the towel fall to the floor, and with your buttocks exposed, I tenderly kiss your cheeks, suckling ever so gently … tasting your skin against my tongue … mmmmm yesss, you taste wonderful, as my hand traces the small V of hair above your pleasure zone … I run my fingers over your clit slightly, and move around and between your legs … and from behind you, I cup your wetness in my hand … still placing those kisses on your buttocks, my other hand reaches up to hold your breast ever so gently and I stand … I continue to kiss your neck … nibbling on the hairs at the baseline … still with my hand between your legs and from behind, I enter you with one finger slightly … slowly … then two … and your wetness is surrounding me, sucking my fingers … I want you … you want me … I remove my fingers slowly and turn you around to face me … I take your face in my hands and I place a gentle kiss on your lips, then I nibble on your bottom lip and touch my tongue slightly to yours … we kiss passionately, long and slow … all the time my hands are moving up and down your skin, your sides, your hips, over your buttocks and I caress your breasts with the slightest of touch, cupping the fullness in my hand and my mouth kisses my way down to take you fully on my mouth … as we lean against the wall, I take your hands and hold them above your head, my mouth explores your breasts, kissing in between them, gently licking your soft skin, caressing your nipples ever so slightly, with the tip of my tongue. I bring your hands down, and put them behind you, kissing my way down your smooth belly, moving to the fold of your thighs, just above your little V-hairline ... I nibble at the hairs, flattening my tongue over your clit lightly … letting go of your hands, I move mine to caress you, slow and gentle touches - we move to the bed, and you sit, with your legs open to my every want. I lay over you, my mouth teasing your nipples again, my hand touching your lips, feeling the wet... I kiss my way down your soft skin, all the way down the inside of your thigh ... my fingers tease your lips, I barely enter you with a fingertip, feeling the juices surround me - my hand cups your mound with the slightest of pressure. I raise your knee, and my mouth surrounds your lips and I lick you, ever so teasingly, my tongue entering you slightly, then sucking gently on your clit. I put my hands under your legs and bring them both up and open – I put a finger inside you, touching you gently, deeper ... slow, then fast ~ I move in and out of you while I suck your clit, causing it to swell with excitement ... my other hand is cupping your breast, slightly pinching the nipple, going from one to the other. I am humming my pleasure into yours, and feel you moving against my mouth, your hands on the side of my head, holding me hard on you, and you shudder … with my fingers still inside you, my little finger teases your asshole … just barely putting the knuckle against it, teasing that tight opening while moving my fingers in and out of your wet pussy and you begin to cum for me. I hold my fingers still, inside you, pressing them deep but not moving them – letting my knuckles continue to tease your ass and the vibrations on my fingers are sensational! I feel you cum and cum for me … your juices flowing over my fingers, and I move them slightly, easy, slowly … ‘til I feel you go limp on the bed. I slowly remove my hand from inside you, cupping your entire love box and lay against your writhing body. I kiss you easy, then a little more passionately ... 'thank you', I say, in a quiet whisper, and you kiss me ... like you want to start all over again!

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